Prominent Talk

Plenary Talk

Topic: “Unleashing GPU servers for deep learning research”

Date: 27th June 2021

Time: 9 am to 9.30 am

Speaker:  Dr. Prashant P. Bartakke Associate Professor, EXTC, COEP, PUNE

Abstract: It includes stuff like different operations involved in DL, GPUs, cores, and benefits with the demo of some use cases.

About Speaker

  1. Ph.D. in E & TC Engg., University of Pune – December 2011, Topic of Research: “Stochastic Modeling of Textures for Analysis and Synthesis”.
  2. Master of Engineering (M.E.) Electronics – the University of Pune – October 1998 -FIRST Class with Distinction.
  3. Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) Electronics – Shivaji University – June 1993 – FIRST class with Distinction.
  4. Teaching Experience: 27yrs
  5. Research Experience: 14yrs
  6. Total publications
    • Journal: 04
    • International level: 10
    • National level: 10

Current Projects:

  1. Received a grant of Rs. 16 Lakhs under AICTE-RPS for the project “Machine Vision System for Material Surface Inspection in Industrial Applications”
  2. To deploy detection and classification of the soldering defects in PCB manufacturing on the Intel atom platform using images acquired by stereomicroscope.
  3. Real-time Vehicle Tracking Information System: Supported by position logger using Raspberry Pi.

Plenary Talk

Topic: “Artificial Intelligence in Cloud Computing and Internet-of-Things”

Date: 25th June 2021

Time : 1 pm to 1: 30pm (IST)

Speaker:  Vincenzo Piuri, Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy


Recent years have seen a growing interest among users in the migration of their applications to Cloud computing and Internet-of-Things environments. However, due to high complexity, Cloud-based and Internet-of-Things infrastructures need advanced components for supporting applications and advanced management techniques for increasing efficiency. Adaptivity and autonomous learning abilities become extremely useful to support configuration and dynamic adaptation of these infrastructures to the changing needs of the users as well as to create adaptable applications. This self-adaptation ability is increasingly essential especially for non-expert managers as well as for application designers and developers with limited competencies in tools for achieving this ability. Artificial intelligence is a set of techniques that greatly can improve both the creation of applications and the management of these infrastructures. This talk will discuss the use of artificial intelligence in supporting the creation of applications in cloud and IoT infrastructures as well as their use in the various aspects of infrastructure management.

About Speaker


Vincenzo Piuri has received his Ph.D. in computer engineering at Politecnico di Milano, Italy (1989). He is a Full-time Professor in computer engineering at the Università Degli Studi di Milano, Italy (since 2000). He has been Associate Professor at Politecnico di Milano, Italy, and Visiting Professor at the University of Texas at Austin, and at George Mason University, USA. His main research interests are artificial intelligence, computational intelligence, intelligent systems, machine learning, pattern analysis and recognition, signal and image processing, biometrics, intelligent measurement systems, industrial applications, digital processing architectures, fault tolerance, dependability, and cloud computing infrastructures. Original results have been published in more than 400 papers in international journals, proceedings of international conferences, books, and book chapters. He is a Fellow of the IEEE, a Distinguished Scientist of ACM, and a Senior Member of INNS. He is President of the IEEE Systems Council (2020-21) and has been IEEE Vice President for Technical Activities (2015), IEEE Director, President of the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society, Vice President for Education of the IEEE Biometrics Council, Vice President for Publications of the IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society and the IEEE Systems Council, and Vice President for Membership of the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society. He is Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Systems Journal (2013-19), and Associate Editor of the IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing, and has been Associate Editor of the IEEE Transactions on Computers, the IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks, the IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, and IEEE Access. He received the IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society Technical Award (2002) and the IEEE TAB Hall of Honor (2019). He is an Honorary Professor at Obuda University, Hungary; Guangdong University of Petrochemical Technology, China; Northeastern University, China; Muroran Institute of Technology, Japan; and the Amity University, India.

Plenary Talk

Topic: “Artificial Intelligence in Cloud Computing”

Date: 26th June 2021

Time : 2 pm to 2: 30pm (IST)

Speaker: Mr. Vishal Pagidipally

About the Speaker:

Vishal Pagdipalli joined Quantiphi back in 2016 from IIT Madras and is working as Solution Architect. While working on breakthrough projects and researching the world of Machine Learning, he has also found time to indulge in creative activities. He is our dance master and a well known employee amongst our leadership and employees alike. He believes in continuously researching and upgrading his knowledge, in the workspace as well as outside of it. He is someone who is approachable and always willing to help anyone who reaches out to him. A mentor, a guide, a lead and a true all-rounder.