Call for Papers


Computational Science and Emerging Technologies for Sustainable Development

Tracks and Session

Distributed Algorithm: Design, Analysis and Complexity

High Performance: Computing, cloud computing and Big Data processing

Distributed Operating, database and Multimedia Systems

Fault-Tolerance, Scalability, reliability and availability of distributed systems

Data Analytics and Data Mining Methodologies

Business Intelligence Architectures and Applications

Decision Making and Productive practices in Business Intelligence

Market Basket Analysis, Supply Chain Management and CRM

Agility, Microservices and Up-front architectures

Architecture evaluation and quality aspects of software architectures

Architecture frameworks and architecture description languages

Design considerations for DevOps and deplorability practices

Deep Learning, Neural Learning, Reinforcement Learning and On-line learning

Ensemble, Large margin, kernel and probabilistic methods

Evolutionary Learning, Relation Learning and Natural Language Processing

Computational Intelligence, Multi-agent systems, Fuzzy Logic and Sentiment Analysis

Ubiquitous Computing Layers and Context Aware Computing

Tagging, Sensing and Controlling in Ubiquitous Computing

Computer Supported Cooperative work

Design Antropology and Ambient Intelligence

Cyber Security and Digital Forensics, Digital Right Management (DRM) and Ethics

Security in Distributed System (Block Chain Technology)

Emerging Techniques (AI, ML , DL) in Cyber Space

Security in and through Cyber Physical Systems (CPS)

Privacy and Confidentiality in Information Technology

Biomedical Signal and Image processing, Pattern recognition and Machine Learning

Audio, Speech, Music processing and Coding

Time frequency / Time Scale Analysis: wavelet and Multirate Signal Processing

Video Analysis and Event Recognition

Application of AI (Neural Networks and Deep Learning) in Signal Processing

Antenna Design

Radar, Remote Sensing, Satellite and Space Communication

RF and Milimeter Wave Technology

Powerline Communication, Smart Grid Communication

Next Generation Mobile and Cellular Networks

Next Generation Optical Fibre Systems: Components, Protocols and Networks

Wireless Sensor Networks

Application of AI (Neural Network and Deep Learning) in Communications

5 G Networks and Applications

Industrial Automation and Control

VLSI Design, MEMS, Nano Sensors and Biometric Sensors

Real Time Systems: Software and Hardware Implementations

Edge Computing

Hardware in Loop and Rapid Prototyping

MIMO and OFDM Systems

Software Defined Radio (SDR), Cognitive Radio

Wireless Body Area Networks

Wireless Adhoc Networks

Resource Management and QoS for wireless networks

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